The Archaeological Park/El Parque Arqueologico

The main attracion/La atraccion principal These prices are for reference only, exchange rates in relation lempiras-dollars change everyday, we make every effort to keep this information updated, we provide this and other information based on a "best effort made " basis.

For Foreigners

Parque Principal/Mayan Ruins

  • The Main Plaza

    Visiting the main plaza is like traveling to the past,

  • La escalina de los jeroglificos

    Considered the laregst library left in stone.

  • La plaza de los jaguares

    located in the acropolis

  • Templete 16

    know what replica lies beneath this temple and enter the tunnels to see if for yourself

  • The Popol Nah/city hall for the mayas

    The city hall of the mayas, they know it for the royal decorations and the symbol of royalty. A petate.

  • Aerial view of the Main Plaza

Tha Main Plaza

Museum of Sculptures

Museo de Esculturas

  • Rosa Lila

    Exact Replica of themplre RosaLila

  • The Hijole Sculpture

    The marbelous Sculpture and its expression when it was first found

  • Disco Marcador

    Undernath the disco marcador lies the body of the founder of the dinasty. Yax K'uk Mo

  • ZOTZ

    A bat, zotz, this is how copan was called in the ancient world. City of bats

  • Original Altar Q

    Yax Pac; the 16th governant of copan sculptured this altar in honor of his predecessor.

  • Rastrojon replica

    Located by Hotel Clarion Copan, at 1 km from las ruinas, at 500m from las sepulturas, at 2 km from the village of copan ruinas

Museum of Sculptures

For Students

Archaeological park

  • Colegios

    Precios para Colegios y Escuelas

  • Escuelas

    Precios para colegios y escuelas

Para Hondureños

Precios para Ciudadanos Hondureños